Setting Goals

Money management is an important aspect of playing blackjack. It does not focus on goal setting in terms of profit and loss determination. It also does not involve progression and regression betting. Instead the main emphasis is on achieving the best possible return on all money that is gambled.

Money management done effectively demands plans of action involving the player’s risk of losing all funds. The player must first decide what goals he is setting out to achieve and keep these in mind all throughout his hand decisions. The player must be aware of how much money is at his disposal. Going over this self set limit is not desirable. Knowing the amount of money, a player can place on a bet without risk is a great way to play blackjack effectively.


There are several forms of progression betting that are used to take away the advantage of the house in games such as poker. However, these systems do not work in blackjack. In this game all that matters are what cards have been dealt and which are still in the deck. This will be the determining factor that affects the probability of a win.

It must be remembered that the player will always have a disadvantage against the house when playing blackjack. Because of this the house will always take the player’s winnings in the long term. As the saying goes: you need to quit while you are ahead.

However, a player can increase their chances of winning by remembering that blackjack is a game of probability. These types of game can be used by the player to set a goal. They may not always reach this goal but the more they play the larger the data pool becomes and the easier it will be to predict an outcome. This should be always be considered when placing a blackjack bet.