Positions Of Players On A Poker Table

A blackjack table is half a circle with the dealer sitting on one side. The dealer’s side is flat. Opposite the dealer sits the players. Their side of the table is rounded. The table is covered in felt which has a printed layout showing where the cards are to be dealt. A standard blackjack table has enough room for seven players at once. The players place their chip bets on the rail of the table. The dealer always starts dealing to the player on his immediate left first.

Interesting Facts About Blackjack Tables

In some casinos, the tables that are used to play blackjack contain small mirrors. These mirrors are referred to as “peepers” or “peekers”. The purpose of these holes is so that the dealer can check the “hole card”, or the card that has been dealt face down.

Card dispensers used at blackjack tables are often referred to as a “shoe”. The reason for this is that this device was originally a woman’s high heel shoe. In modern times blackjack tables have become more sophisticated. Though the names of certain elements of the table still refer back to the early days of the game.

Building Your Own Blackjack Table

Anyone can build a blackjack table. All it takes is plywood, felt and other easy to procure building materials. The first step is to draw the table and rail layout onto the plywood. A jigsaw can then be used to cut out the table pieces and rail.

These are then nailed together and the new table is painted. Table legs are then attached. Finally, a layer of felt is used to cover the top of the blackjack table. The card layout indicators can be painted by hand. Alternatively one can be bought online with the layout already printed onto the felt.