• 86’d

The removal of a player by casino staff due to suspected cheating.

  • Balanced Count

A system of counting that has an exact balance that is between plus and minus cards.

  • Bust

When your hand totals over 21.

  • Bust Card

The card that brings the hand total to over 21.

  • Basic Strategy

Actions that give the best possible odds when playing.

  • Cut Card

A brightly coloured card that is used by the dealer as a mark point when shuffling cards. It is also used by the player to cut the deck during a deal.

  • Double Or Double Down

When a player placed an additional bet that is equal to his original bet. The player then draws one additional card. This can only be done on the first two cards.

  • First Base

The person to the left of the dealer. This is the first player to act during the game.

  • Five Card Charlie

When a hand has five cards without going over 21. This creates an automatic win.

  • Hard Hand

A hand that has the potential for a bust.

  • Hit

When the player asks for an additional card.

  • Hole Card

A card that is placed face down by the dealer. It is only revealed when the players have acted on their own hands.

  • Insurance

When a dealer produces an ace the player is then able to place an additional bet that has a value of half their original bet.

  • Natural

When a player receives a sum of 21 with their first hands.

  • Shoe Game

A game of blackjack that is dealt out of a shoe. They use a number of decks between 4 and 8.

  • Soft

A hand that has an ace with a value of 11, rather than of 1.

  • Upcard

A card that is being shown by the dealer.