What Is A Sticky Casino Bonus?

Sticky bonuses are a fairly recent development. They are used by online casinos to target big spenders and keep regular players loyal to them. A large number of these sites will give you bonuses. This will help you to win, in which case the casino can send the winnings to your paypal casino uk account. The difference between sticky and non-sticky bonuses is quite significant.

Sticky bonuses offer a larger amount in comparison to the latter. They can even exceed as much as 300%. For this reason sticky bonuses are becoming the dominant offer for online casino websites.

What Sets Sticky Bonuses Apart From Normal Bonuses?

Sticky bonuses are popular because they do not carry the usual terms and conditions seen with standard casino site bonuses. Sticky bonuses cannot be redeemed for cash. However players are still able to withdraw all the money they win. Sticky bonuses are more complicated in terms of the money players can receive. Standard bonuses allow them to take out all their funds once wager requirements have been met. For this reason, some players prefer the non-sticky option instead.

Advantages Of A Sticky Bonus

A sticky bonus is a great way for players to improve their game. This is because they start off with a significant initial balance which they can play with. Players get much more start up money and this gives them an increased chance of winning big. Often a sticky bonus will match the player’s deposit by 200% and 400%. However this does not mean players won’t lose more than they win. It is also important to read a casino’s terms and conditions carefully when it come to deciding whether to go with a sticky bonus. Some players have found they have made mistake when trying to withdraw their initial deposit money. Being careful is key with sticky bonuses.